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The Best Bachelorette Party

The Best Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party allows the bride-to-be to celebrate the final days of her single life with an unforgettable bash with her besties. If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, then the bachelorette party planning falls to you. It’s your job to design a party that reflects everything the bride-to-be loves, incorporating her favorite activities, preferred cocktail, and all of her closest girlfriends. A successful bachelorette party calls for some thoughtful planning that involves the bride, her friends, and your creativity. So, begin planning the best bachelorette party with these tips.

Kick Off Your Planning With the Bride-to-Be

The bride has a lot to focus on as her wedding day approaches. While you don’t want to drown her in details about the bachelorette party, you do want to consult her as you begin your planning. So, before you dive too deep into the planning, schedule a get-together with the bride over coffee or cocktails to discuss her preferences.

It’s possible that she already has a vision for her bachelorette party. If she does, go with it. If she doesn’t, use a few guided questions to get a sense for the type of event she wants to have:

  • Does she want a big bash or an intimate celebration?
  • Does she want to stay local or go out of town? 
  • Does she want to do something outdoors, go somewhere swanky, or do something relaxing?
  • Does she want the groom to arrive at the end of the event, or is this a girls-only celebration?

These questions will give you some insight into the bride’s bachelorette party interests, which will help guide your planning. 

Reach Out to the Bridal Party

Planning the best bachelorette party will go off without a hitch if you have some help. So, use the resources you have available to you. Chances are other members of the bridal party would love to help with the planning. So, your next step should be reaching out to bridesmaids and other close friends to see how they can help.

Let the bridal party know the bride’s interests and your general plans for the event. Here’s where her friends can help. Perhaps one knows her favorite restaurant and is willing to work on reservations. Another might have a family vacation rental that you could stay in. Yet another bridesmaid can tackle coordinating outfits or decorations for the event. With a little help from some willing friends, you will streamline the planning process and ensure that you don’t miss a single detail.

Finalize the Guest List

The bridal party might start your bachelorette party guest list, but it probably doesn’t finish it. With the bride’s guidance, work on developing a list that she signs off on before you start distributing party details. She might want to invite close female relatives like sisters or cousins, long-term friends, and work friends. If you don’t know some of the guests, ask for their contact information so you can extend the invitation.

Once the list is finalized, send out an initial email to inform guests of your plans. This email can include the following information:

  • Date (if you’ve finalized it) or potential dates to gauge availability
  • Location
  • Hotel and transportation information if relevant
  • Anticipated cost per guest

With this information, your guests will be able to decide if they can attend. Set an RSVP deadline so that you can make more specific planning decisions, such as lodging and dining reservations, with the number of guests in mind.

Choose Your Bach Bash Theme

Now that you’ve worked with the bride and her friends to jump start the planning, it’s time for the fun: choosing the theme. The bachelorette party should be a reflection of the bride. So, whether she loves soaking up the sun, cooking in the kitchen, or hitting the dance floor, her interests should guide your planning. 

Start With the Basics

First, think big picture. Decide whether you want to host a one-day event, an overnight trip, or a weekend-long getaway. When choosing the timeline, keep guests’ budgets in mind. For example, if some guests can’t swing a weekend-long trip, either due to their budget or work schedule, consider a one-night event so that it’s more inclusive. Also, keep in mind where the guests live so that you can choose a location that accommodates the majority or is centrally located if guests are spread out.

Consider Possible Themes

Choosing a bachelorette party theme might seem challenging, only because there are so many fabulous options. Narrow down your choices by choosing a theme with your bride’s personality and interests in mind. Consider these potential ideas:

  • Classic girls’ night out – Dinner and drinks in a vibrant downtown entertainment district is the recipe for a memorable last night out as a single lady.
  • Wine tasting – If vineyards are nearby, consider touring local wineries for tours and tastings. Rent a limo or party bus to transport your crew from one winery to the next.
  • Spa day – Indulge in some pampering by scheduling a day at the spa for the bride and her close friends. Massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures can prep the bride and her friends for the wedding day. Plus, the bride can de-stress from wedding planning.
  • Group class – Learn something new that the bride loves. Schedule a group cooking class, bartending class, or painting class, followed by a dinner to celebrate.
  • Pool or beach day – Enjoy a girls’ day on the beach or by the pool. If you don’t live near the water, consider a luxury hotel pool where you can rent a cabana and enjoy some food, drinks, and relaxation poolside.
  • Glamp-out – The bride-to-be doesn’t have to be outdoorsy to enjoy some glamorous camping, or glamping. Rent a cabin in the mountains and stock it with food, drinks, and games for a memorable girls’ weekend in.

Dive Into the Details

With your theme selected, it’s time to focus on the details of the event. Start big and work your way down to the specifics. 

Make Reservations

First, consider where you will need to book reservations. You might need to secure lodging for the group, whether that’s a few hotel rooms or a vacation rental house or cabin. If you’ll be hopping from one spot to the next, consider group transportation options as well to streamline your event and keep everyone safe. Finally, make reservations for meals, especially if you have a big group or want to go to a popular spot.

When making these reservations––especially lodging––be sure to get guests to contribute their money now. You don’t want the bachelorette party to have any underlying tension because some guests showed up and haven’t yet paid their share. Settle the bill before the bash begins.

Add Festive Touches

Next, consider how you can make the bachelorette party stand out from other girls’ nights out. If you’re staying in a hotel or house, add some decorations to celebrate the bride to be. You can find bachelorette party decorations at many big box stores, or if you’re crafty, you can make them yourself. Decorations can include:

  • Bachelorette banners 
  • Table centerpieces
  • Streamers and balloons
  • Photo collage of the bride and groom

Additionally, think about ways that you can make your party stand out when you’re out on the town. For example, you can have themed T-shirts made to commemorate the occasion. Give her a special shirt that says “Bride” and the other guests relevant Ts that say “Maid of Honor” or “Bridesmaid.” Or, go for a color scheme for your party. The bride might want to wear white, and the guests can wear black or her favorite color. Dressing up on theme simply makes the event more fun.

Design the Itinerary

As the bachelorette bash approaches, it’s time to finalize the details. Create an itinerary for your event so that everything goes off seamlessly. The itinerary should include the time and location for each phase of the party. If guests are meeting for dinner, for example, let them know when reservations are. Be sure to factor in travel times as you book reservations, especially if you’re hitting up multiple spots during your event. 

Send Guests Important Party Information

About a week before the bachelorette party, send your guests final details. Share the itinerary and any reservation confirmations so that they know what to expect. Ensure every guest has paid her share, and shore up any missing payments before the big day. Coordinate with the bridesmaids who have helped you plan to ensure they’ve completed their tasks. Remind guests what to wear if you’re coordinating your outfits. 

Thoughtful planning guarantees that you’ll throw the best bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. Your effort will pay off, as you’ll host an event that celebrates your bachelorette and creates unforgettable memories for the whole crew.

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