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Top 10 Party Games

Top 10 Party Games

Food, drink, and conversation are the hallmarks of an adult party, but there are other ways to keep your guests entertained. Incorporating some fun party games encourages conversation and interaction in new and creative ways. When choosing a game for your party, keep the crowd in mind. A dinner party with colleagues will call for different games than those with your neighbors or best friends. Keep the tone light, festive, and not too competitive, and you’ll add a personal touch to your event with party games.

Check out this list as inspiration for games for your next celebration.

1. Not-So-Newlywed Game

If you’re hosting a dinner party for couples, test their knowledge of each other with this game inspired by the classic TV show. This game works well for couples who have been in a relationship for a while, married or not. You may not want to try it with new couples because it might bring to light how little they know about each other.

Prepare some questions that guests can answer about their partner. From their favorite food to their first concert, your questions should range in difficulty. Then, have guests reveal their answers as their partner holds up an index card or sheet of paper with their answer on it. For every match, the couple gets a point. The couple with the most points wins.

2. Don’t Say That!

When a word is suddenly off limits at your party, everyone is going to want to say it. This party game works well for themed parties, like baby showers and bridal showers. Choose an on-theme word that guests are banned from saying. For example, at a baby shower, “baby” or “nursery” might be off limits or “bride” or “wedding” at a bridal shower. 

Pin a small clothespin on each guest. When they say the forbidden word, they have to give the clothespin to whoever catches them. The player with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins. Consider having a small prize on hand to celebrate the winner.

3. Back Draw

Let guests show off their artistic prowess with this partner game. Pair up your guests and equip them with sheets of paper and pens or markers. One partner will have to guess what the other partner is drawing on the piece of paper taped to their back. To add more competition to this game, have each pair draw the same item at the same time. The first pair to correctly guess the drawing wins. If players are struggling to get the answers right, give a clue about the drawing until someone gets it correct.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

Let your guests get to know each other better with this eye-opening icebreaker game. Have each guest at the dinner table go around and share two truths about themselves and one lie. Guests should guess which fact is the lie. The person who guesses correctly goes next. Continue playing until everyone has revealed a bit more about themselves. 

5. Actors

Inviting a crowd who loves drama to your party? Actors is the game for your event. This game requires no supplies and just a little prep work. Jot down some scenarios on slips of paper and toss them in a bowl. They can range from funny to dramatic. As each player pulls a scenario out of the hat, they have to show their reaction to the scenario, using facial expressions only. The other players try to guess the scenario. 

6. Murder Mystery

A murder mystery game is perfect for a dinner party, and it can serve as the basis for a themed event. If you want to get creative, design a murder mystery game yourself, creating characters and a storyline that your guests can follow to reveal the murderer in their midst. But, for time-saving purposes, pick up a murder mystery kit online, which can guide your game from start to finish.

7. Backyard Games

A backyard barbecue calls for some tailgate-themed games. So, set up your outdoor space with a few different game stations that get guests off of their feet and playing. Cornhole is a classic game requiring two cornhole boards and some beanbags to toss into them. Players can play individually or on teams to see who gets the most beanbags in the hole. Other backyard party games include ladder toss and Kan Jam. These games do require some equipment, so ask around if your friends or neighbors have anything you can borrow for your barbecue.

8. Mirror Charades

Take charades to the next level with this extra challenging version perfect for game lovers. One person stands behind the seated group, miming the clue. Their partner, who stands in front of the group, also mimes the clue. However, this person does not actually know the clue and is only mimicking what the partner is doing. This game might deliver a funny, muddled message to all participants.

9. Celebrity

A pack of sticky notes is all you need for this fun game. Write a celebrity’s name on each sticky note, and distribute one to each guest. Without looking at the note, they stick it on their forehead. Then, they walk around the room asking “yes” or “no” questions to figure out who they are. After asking 20 questions, each guest has to guess what celebrity they’ve been assigned.

10. Likes and Dislikes

Hand out sheets of paper and have each guest write down a list of five likes and five dislikes. Place each sheet into a bowl. Then, have guests pull a sheet, read the likes and dislikes aloud, and then guess who wrote it. This party game will give good insight into your guests, and it’s not too personal, which makes it appropriate for any event.

Party games add an element of festivity to your party. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party, backyard barbecue, or special celebration, games are an easy and welcome addition to your event.

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