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Top 10 Party Favors

Top Ten Party Favors

Party favors are a thoughtful way to show your gratitude to your guests. They’re especially meaningful at events like birthday parties, wedding and baby showers, and graduation celebrations where your guests bring gifts. However, you can distribute favors at virtually any celebration, so don’t hold back to give your guests a little thank you gift on their way out the door.

When selecting a favor for your event, get creative and keep your party theme and guests’ personalities in mind. When you do, you’ll deliver party favors that your guests will love. Get inspired by considering these popular and creative party favor ideas.

1. Edible Favors

Edible favors just might be your safest bet when selecting a party favor. Everyone loves to receive a sweet or savory snack that they can take home and enjoy later. Plus, edible favors are easy to customize to coordinate with your party, which allows your guests to carry the theme all the way home.

Your options for edible favors are endless. Select something that doesn’t require immediate refrigeration since your guests will need to travel home. Consider customized, decorated sugar cookies that showcase your theme. You can even incorporate favor making into your party. Set up a make-your-own-trail-mix station at your party, or design a mouthwatering candy bar or gourmet popcorn bar where guests can fill up cellophane bags with their favorite treats. 

2. Drink-to-Go

Carry the edible favor idea to drinks as well. Let guests bring the party home by pairing a mixer with a mini bottle of liquor so that they can mix a cocktail that reminds them of your event. Good pairings include a can of Coke with bourbon or a can of pineapple juice paired with rum. Tie them together with a ribbon, and add a fun tag expressing your thanks.

3. Party Memento

Set up a photo booth at your party with a fun background and photo props. Connect your camera to a photo printer so that you can send guests home with a fun memory of the event. If you really want to splurge, you can hire a mobile photo booth to come and send your guests home with photo strips that are sure to be displayed on their refrigerator as soon as they get home.

4. A Personalized Touch

Customized favors add a personal touch to your thank-you gift. If you’re hosting a small celebration, consider personalizing each favor with the guests’ monogram. These party favors are ideal for gatherings like wedding showers and bridal showers, giving you an opportunity to guests who splurged on a nice gift for your milestone moment.

Get creative when monogramming your favors. You can choose colorful stemless wine glasses or stainless steel tumblers accented with a vinyl monogram. Embroidered hand towels or tote bags can be a thoughtful and versatile gift for close friends. 

5. Pampering Products

Give the gift of relaxation to thank your friends for coming to your celebration. Select some of your favorite bath and body products to share with friends. Travel-sized bottles of moisturizer, body mist, body wash, or sweet-smelling hand sanitizer allow your guests to refresh their pampering routine. Place these products in a cellophane bag or a fabric bag and tie it closed with a ribbon and a favor tag expressing your gratitude.

6. Mason Jar Mixes

If your crowd loves to bake, look no further than mason jar mixes for your party favor. These favors are easy to make and even easier to bake, giving your guests a sweet treat that they can enjoy later. A hot chocolate mason jar mix, for example, includes nonperishables like cocoa powder, powdered milk and creamer, and chocolate chips––just add hot water. You can also find mason jar mixes for chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and more. Add tulle or ribbon to the mason jar and a tag with baking instructions as the finishing touch.

7. Customized Koozies

Let your guests keep their drinks cool long after the party ends. A customized koozie offers a lasting reminder of your event, and it’s a handy tool for tailgates, barbecues, and beach trips. You can order customized koozies in bulk, which makes it easy to distribute them to many guests. Create a design that commemorates the occasion. You can include text and images on the koozie, such as “Mike’s 40th birthday” or “Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary.” Then, next time guests use the koozie, they’ll be reminded of the fun they had at your event.

8. Personalized Drinkware

Give your guests a favor that they can use all night and then take home. Rather than setting out disposable cups that you’ll just end up throwing away, pick up an acrylic cup for each guest to use. You can find colorful, festive styles at most big-box stores, and cups can be as inexpensive as a dollar––or less. Then, grab some vinyl stickers or letters from a craft store and add them to each cup. Every guest will have a personalized cup that they will be able to find at the party, and they can enjoy it afterward as well.

9. Succulents

Small, potted succulents cost just a few dollars, and they add a little life to your guests’ homes. Available in a range of styles, succulents are easy to incorporate into the home, whether they’re positioned on windowsills or bookshelves. Add a customized favor tag, and let guests choose a succulent that they love.

10. Coffee

If you’re inviting a crowd of coffee lovers, create a coffee favor table. Pick up small sample bags of different flavors of coffee. Look for popular breakfast blends and medium roast styles, as well as some more robust, flavorful varieties. Let guests select a bag to take home and enjoy the next morning.

A party favor isn’t just a thoughtful gesture––it also adds to the fun of your celebration. Choosing a favor that piques your guests’ interests and corresponds to the theme ensures everyone goes home with a smile on their face.


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